Gifted and Talented


At Overland, a significant number of our students are identified as gifted.  Our Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program meets the needs of these students through differentiated instruction that provides depth and complexity to the core curriculum.  All of our teachers participate in professional development for differentiation and gifted education, and attend conferences dedicated to enhancing the approaches in gifted education.  We encourage our gifted students to think critically, problem solve, develop their own interests, pursue independent projects, utilize technology, and assume shared responsibility for their own learning.  Evidence of the success of our efforts is demonstrated in the high achievement of our students.

We collaborate with parents and support staff in developing our gifted program.  We hold workshops for parents and support staff, in which we demonstrate the ways in which classroom teachers address depth and complexity for gifted students.  This enables parents and support staff to participate more effectively with our students’ learning experiences.  Also, we recognize the need to address issues involving the emotional and social needs of our gifted students.  As teachers, support staff, and parents, we seek ways to support our students’ growth and development.