Language Arts Resources

California Treasures

Access all of the reading language arts books your child is reading in class and learning activities to help reinforce their comprehension on the California Treasures website.

If you would like your child to practice their reading with audio versions of the books, please Contact Colette Moore to have an account created for your child.


Instructions for the California Treasures website:

A.     Select Student or Families

B.     Under Student tab, select your child’s grade level.

1.    Choose the Unit and Story and choose from the correlating activities.


2.    Choose On-Line BooksMyBooks on left hand side of page.

a.    Log into Connect Ed with username and password.

b.    Read stories from book or listen to stories by pressing the microphone button.

c.     Click on the small checkmark box on the bottom right corner of the last page of the Story for 5 Comprehension Questions about the story.