Math Resources

McGraw-Hill My Math

McGraw-Hill My Math is written to meet the Common Core State Standards. It provides a colorful and intuitive lesson format that is engaging and kid-friendly, making math fun and memorable. Student interacts with the text in multiple ways throughout the learning cycle. Personalized vocabulary, student created examples, online games, and downloadable apps move students from learning abstract concepts to concepts they can apply.

To learn more about the math program, please visit the LAUSD website at

A Focus on Problem Solving

Our goal at Overland is to inspire a love for math. Teachers draw from a variety of resources with an emphasis on real world problem solving. Children make sense of problems and use tools, models, and strategies to solve. Overland classrooms encourage mathematical discussions with evidence based comments.


To learn more about problem solving math, please visit

YouCubed at Stanford University offers Common Core based lesson plans and math tasks and ways to instill positive math beliefs. Easy to use at home by parents.

Our trial period of was a great success! Many students took advantage of the opportunity to practice and improve their math skills. We currently do not have accounts for our students, but you can purchase access through the for a small monthly fee.



IXL is another great math resource available online for a small monthly fee.


Be sure to check out these other math websites as well!  (for games in language arts and math with immediate feedback)