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Arts Education

Overland Elementary became an Arts Program School in 2005. This designation provides our students with visiting credentialed arts teachers in music, theatre, dance, and visual arts. In addition, additional resources such as supplies, visiting performers, and field trips are provided. 

Visual Arts

Students at Overland Elementary receive standards-based instruction in visual arts. Students visit the art studio on a bi-weekly schedule, and also experience arts integration, connecting and blending instruction in all arts disciplines to other curricular areas. The program focuses on students appreciation and success, as well as teacher training in the arts.

An annual art show takes place each spring showcasing the artistic accomplishments of every student.  



The joy of music is shared with all students at Overland Elementary! 

We provide a comprehensive, standards-based instructional program for students with weekly music instruction. Music lessons focus on singing, playing rhythm instruments and learning music facts and theory. Children participate in musical activities that encompass many different styles, as well as reflect the diverse multicultural population of our world.

Students perform in winter and spring concerts, as well as other music productions throughout the year. Please check the school calendar for those dates.