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Welcome to Overland's 2021-2022 School Year Enrollment.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we will be taking the following precautions to ensure everyone's safety. Complete the below paperwork if:

  • Your residence is within Overland boundaries (neighborhood families) and you are enrolling in TK-5th grade. (Click here to verify school of residence)
  • You have been accepted for a SAS permit to attend Overland through the LAUSD choices system.

In order to process your paperwork, you must have an appointment.

  • Option 1: First schedule a Pick Up Enrollment Packet appointment to collect all necessary paperwork. Then schedule a Drop Off Enrollment Packet appointment for a later date (Pick Up will start on February 16, 2021 & Drop Off will start on March 15, 2021)
  • Option 2: Complete paperwork electronically and print them before you arrive at school for a Drop Off Enrollment Packet appointment. (Please reference checklists below to ensure you have ALL documentation complete before your appointment.)

Click here to schedule appointments 

  • We are requesting that you adhere to all social distancing protocols during your appointment at the front of the school. 
  • Children are not required to be present during your appointment time.
  • Completed enrollment packets cannot be emailed or mailed

Childcare Permit: The childcare permit (below) will be due on April 30, 2021.  Selection will be by lottery.  Please submit your permit application to Mrs. Lee by email and call the school after May 3rd for your waitlist number. 

Contact us with your questions at: (310) 838-7308 or via email.