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Raising Readers

The Overland Library is an active place to visit. Our library houses an extensive collection of books for stimulating the curious minds of our students and fueling their imaginations. The generous support of our parents in purchasing Special Occasion Books each year sees that our collection continues to grow, remain updated and offer the most popular titles to our students.

Engaging programs offered through the library are monthly book clubs and yearly Read-a-Thon. Participation in both of these programs, coupled with the importance our principal, teachers and parents collectively place in supporting our librarian and our library finds Overland joyously "Raising Readers."

Magic of Reading

Our Magic of Reading Program offers designated students a partnership with an adult community volunteer for one-on-one reading support throughout the year.

This richly rewarding program is always looking for more volunteers! Please contact Stephanie Fraticelli if you are interested in joining the program and making a difference in a young student's life.