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Overland In Motion

Every morning, Overland students, teachers and staff begin their day with 15 minutes of group exercise to music. While the emphasis is on having fun while moving, the program promotes cardiovascular health, flexibility and strength training. Students are also learning about good nutrition and other healthy lifestyle choices, including the power of positive thinking. All facets of the program are designed to bolster students’ self-esteem and promote personal well-being.  We are proud to be the founding My School In Motion school.

overland motion
School Sports

All students receive a standards-based physical education program. In addition to PE directed by the classroom teachers, our students participate by grade level in a program we call “School Sports” once a week. This program, facilitated by STAR Education, is based on standards and engages students in developmentally appropriate exercises and sports. Students develop athletic skills, practice teamwork, and learn ways to maintain fitness.