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SAS Program / GATE

School For Advanced Studies

In 2002, Overland was designated by Los Angeles Unified School District as a School for Advanced Studies (SAS).  As an SAS school, we provide a high level academic program that serves the educational needs of our gifted and high achieving learners.  Our program is designed to improve educational opportunities for all Overland students, to support students’ intellectual and academic growth and achievement, and to enhance the professional development of our staff.   

Overland’s program offers two models to support differentiated instruction. Classrooms for grades 2 through 5 are heterogeneously grouped, but have flexible performance groupings during team-taught language arts and math. In our second model, which is known as the span team, students remain with a teacher in a multi-age grouping for two years. The span team offers students the opportunity to work independently and at their own pace.

Students, starting from Kindergarten, who reside within LAUSD boundary may apply to attend Overland on an SAS permit.  Students are eligible to attend based on space availability and eligibility criteria. 


GATE Prospective Parents Meeting 5-26-21

If you missed the GATE Prospective Parents Meeting on May 26, 2021, you can view the recording below.

Download the presentation below
SAS Applications

SAS applications are now part of Choices. In order to be filed timely, applications must be submitted online or by mail by November 20, 2020.  Download the Verification of Eligibility (SAS Kindergarten) form or Verification of Eligibility for Gifted Magnet Programs and Schools for Advanced Studies (Grades 1-12) form must also be submitted by the deadline.  All SAS application information (including the link to apply online) can be found on the eChoices website:


Additional SAS Resources:

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Gifted and Talented Education

At Overland, a significant number of our students are identified as gifted.  Our Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program meets the needs of these students through differentiated instruction that provides depth and complexity to the core curriculum.  All of our teachers participate in professional development for differentiation and gifted education, and attend conferences dedicated to enhancing the approaches in gifted education.  We encourage our gifted students to think critically, problem solve, develop their own interests, pursue independent projects, utilize technology, and assume shared responsibility for their own learning.  Evidence of the success of our efforts is demonstrated in the high achievement of our students.

We collaborate with parents and support staff in developing our gifted program.  We hold workshops for parents and support staff, in which we demonstrate the ways in which classroom teachers address depth and complexity for gifted students.  This enables parents and support staff to participate more effectively with our students’ learning experiences.  Also, we recognize the need to address issues involving the emotional and social needs of our gifted students.  As teachers, support staff, and parents, we seek ways to support our students’ growth and development.