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Meet The Staff

Overland has one of the most talented, dedicated, and caring staff you will find in all of Los Angeles. It is no wonder that we have accomplished many great things in recent years. As you journey through this website you will see the complex structure of collaboration as most members serve on a number of committees and share in their talents and ideas on how to continually improve our practice for our students.

One measure of our success is the growth in our API scores over the last few years. Overland’s current API score is 956 and we are ranked among the top schools in Los Angeles. In 2008, Overland was honored the distinction of being a California Distinguished School.

Teaching Staff

  Genna Casillas - Rm13

Grade K
  Moira Donnelly - Rm 18
  Alba Prado (TK-K)  - Rm 19
  Erin Cohon - Rm 20
  Gemma Brown - Rm 21

Grade 1
  Sheri Edwards - Rm 25 
  Chrissy Linke - Rm 26
  Christina Stewart - Rm 27
  Nichole Lewis - Rm 27

Grade 2
  Korey Aquino - Rm 10
  Erika Bautista - Rm 11
  Helen Jung - Rm 14 

Grade 3
  Hannah Lee - Rm 2
  Lisa Kirschenbaum - Rm 12
  Angie Pradia - Rm 15 
  Jennifer Saito - Rm 16 

Grade 4
  Elaine Park - Rm 4 
  Heide Jenkins - Rm 6 

Grade 5
  Lorena Pouet - Rm 3
  Skye Sverdlin - Rm 5

 Stephanie Fraticelli


Brittany Jones

Jennifer Walker

Instructional Coordinator
Erin Yoon

Support Staff

School Administrative Asst.
Claudia Xom

Office Technician
GoEun Lee

Cafeteria Manager
 Ray Middlebrook

Plant Manager
 Michael Thompson

Building & Grounds Worker
  Jasmine Thomas, Johny Castaneda

School Nurse
 Elizabeth Belay & Vida Adaro

Campus Aide
 Roxana Lopez


Adapted PE Specialist
 Maureen Hakala

Language Pathologist
Jennifer De Oliveira

Occupational Therapist
 Christina Shimizu

 Cailin Wells, MEd, MA

Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW)
 Mariangela Ruiz-Hernandez

Physical Therapy
 Natalie Spiteri

Recreational Therapy (RT)
  Justine Lorin